What We Do

O&M for Photovoltaics

We provide a full range of O&M solutions to keep your solar power system optimised.


Ensure the sustainability of your PV investment

Our philosophy is to maximise environmental and financial benefits through preventative maintenance. We’ll identify problems before they arise and keep your PV asset optimised. The installations we manage run with an average uptime of more than 99%.

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Complete solutions for peak performance

Technical Audits

In-depth audits to identify issues and implement solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

Targeted inspections to identify potential problems and keep downtime to a minimum.

Performance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and analysis with active dispatching for rapid response times.

Site Maintenance

Comprehensive services, from module cleaning to grass cutting and vegetation management.


Technological revamping to increase productivity and extend the life of solar power plants.

Consulting Services

Localised economic and legislative guidance for customers around the world.


Monitoring and Control

We provide monitoring and analysis in real time for PV installations around the world. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Inverter Cardio

Inverters are the heart of any PV power plant. Our unique maintenance program ensures they get the specialised care they need. We are proud to be the largest service provider for Satcon inverters in Europe.

About Photon Energy

Why Us?

As an independent power producer, we own and operate PV installations around the world. You can trust our O&M solutions because we use them too.

We have over 16 years of O&M experience.

Our team is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

We’re a public company, listed in Warsaw, Frankfurt and Prague.


Our O&M Portfolio

700+ MWp

Total Contracted Capacity





Case Studies

Our clean energy solutions in action

Ready to find the O&M solution that’s right for you?

Like all the work we do, our O&M solutions are customised to your needs. From energy offtake to monitoring and control, O&M can be combined with any of our solutions to create an integrated package developed specifically to maximise the yields – and profits – of your installation.

Let’s get started.

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